WSIP4 – Black Market Justice



Black Market Justice

Chapter One

It was a dilemma for sure, but one that was swiftly forgotten as the Honourable member of Parliament for Westminster saw his young son’s eyes open, and even a trace of a colour return to those little angelic cheeks. The Right honourable Harold Davis wiped away a solitary tear running down his face, but it was a joyous one, a stark contrast to the countless others he’d shed while waiting for his son to slowly climb the NHS waiting list for a new heart, liver, and kidney, a waiting list that far exceeded the supply even for those needing just the one organ. Until just a few weeks prior he’d resigned himself to seeing his son’s life painfully slip away. If ever there was a time when he would have felt justified in abusing his position to somehow try and nudge his son to the head of the organ transplant waiting list this was it. And he would have too if suitable donors were anywhere to be found. It had even crossed his mind to look into the illegal trade in India where the organs his son needed were there to be bought if you knew the right people. But young Derek Davis was running out of time and would probably not have survived a transatlantic flight. And yet here he was, slowly but surely recovering from a complex multiple organ transplant. As much as it disturbed him, there was a very different black market for that, and other activities, and Harold Davis owed his son’s life to it. The cost had been high, and his career would be over if the truth ever came out, probably followed by a lengthy prison sentence. What did it matter though, he would have done the same even if those consequences were an absolute certainty, what loving father wouldn’t?


Vinnie Johnson was busy sifting the latest intel in his search for suitable candidates, ones that wouldn’t necessarily attract the wrong sort of attention should they disappear. It was essential not to rely on too small a pool and that meant widening the net if an alarming pattern wasn’t to emerge. Already there were calls being made to criminalise the activities of the online paedophile hunting groups ever since several of the targets of their decoy stings had mysteriously disappeared since being outed on Facebook and other social media. It had always been a possibility that some member of the public would sooner or later take matters further into their own hands before such scum could be brought to trial, something which, to their credit, the Hunting groups urged the public not to do.

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