The IASD project…

January 2016:

Under construction: An on-going endeavour…

IASDpicThe Indie Author Support & Discussion project had its origins in a Facebook group of the same name I started along with a couple of fellow bloggers back in 2014. What started off as an Indie Author review group quickly evolved into a thriving and active place where authors, reviewers, bloggers, and readers post their reviews, news about what’s happening in the wolrd of Indie and self-publishing, book promotions,  and writing related advice.


Click Top right-hand thumbnail for link to IASD website &  left-hand banner for link to the IASD Thinktank Fb page:



With so much going on in the group it was felt we needed an additional resource to just the group itself, where members could turn to look up other members’ books/contact details, and keep abreast of what’s happening rather than having to keep scrolling back and forth to the screenshot1many posts that appear daily. With this in mind the Indie Author Support & Discussion wordpress site was created. Listed there are many of our members’ books under different genres along with ther respective author contact details. The most recent major feature to be added is our monthly Featured Author post, focusing on a particular author and their work; under construction too are sections for  book reviews/awards, resources beyond Fb and blogging. In the pipeline there are plans to post regular updates of author promotions, writing competitions, and of many of our other features there.

Click on thumbnail for link to this month’s IASD Featured Author

A few months ago it was decided that the look and design of the site needed a major overhall, not only to make it more visually attractive and user freindly, but to add features that benefit members and readers in a more practical way. It was with great regret that the major changes to the site necessitated the deletion of much of the previous content i.e. post comments, a stream lining of previous book listings (to enable Ian  D.  to upgrade all the book covers to 3D images), and a rewriting by Tom B. of the aims & purposes of the group.

Two of our members, Nico Lasaer (this month’s featured author) and Eric Lhati designed and created a new banner for our ‘members only’ secret Fb group, as well it being featured at the head of the site pages… IASDBanner4


Author and member Ruth Coulson also came up with the design of our blog emblem…


To accompany the site and give it a fully public presence on facebook, Tom Benson created the IASD Think Tank Fb page , where ideas, suggestions. and updates might be posted too… Click thumbnail for Fb page link:Thinktankpic


Over the coming weeks and months the site will have it’s own dedicated IASD Twitter account (site is currently linked to my @echoesofthepen twitter listing).

The site will be linked to the the IASD Think Tank Fb page (again, site is currently linked to my echoesofthepen Fb magazine page).

The Resources for Writers page will be updated with:

  1. A list of reference books for writers
  2. Links to free and paid for software for writers. i.e free writing/editing and formatting software such as Kingsoft, Grammarly, Scrivener etc..
  3. Free web-building sites/blogs for authors i.e. Weebly, Moonfruit etc
  4. Links to book reviewers/bloggers.
  5. Links to professional editing and web design services recommended by and known personally to IASD members.

Possible page additions will be:

  1. Pages featuring authors’/member’s short & flash fiction
  2. A promotions campaign feature (much like the Featured Author page)
  3. A News Update page keeping members up-to-date with what’s happening in the wider world of Indie & Self-Publishing.




Myself and with two fellow admins, Ian D. Moore & Tom Benson, along with the help and suggestions of our members and readers we hope to produce a site that will benefit not just our group members but all Indie Authors, bloggers, writers, and readers …

Meet The Admins:


Further changes and developments will be posted here and on the IASD Fb page:

  1. So much wonderful effort to make these ideas reality. Thank you to you and the others who give so much time.


  2. An excellent update and look forward from our founder member – which is just as it should be. We’re all proud of your brainchild Paul, and we’ll strive to maintain and build on those great foundations. If there is anything in particular you’d like us to get working on – say the word.
    I’ve got an idea for a review / critique slot, and as soon as I have the idea making sense I’ll be dropping a message to you, Ian and a couple of members of the group who I believe will give worthwhile feedback.
    Great to see such a positive message on here from you. Take care mate.


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