Review: Paul Ruddocks Very Entertaining Short Story Collection, “Not What you Thought?”

Some kind words and an encouraging review on my first book from the very talented Andrew Updegrove, author of the highly acclaimed ‘The Alexandria Project.’

Andrew Updegrove: Tales of Adversego

Not What you ThoughtOnce upon a time – and a very long time it was – the short story was a well-respected form of literary fiction as well as an essential thread in the warp and woof of everyday life. Whether we’re speaking of one of Aesop’s moral lessons or an offering from one of the many modern day exemplars of the form, ranging from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Isaac Bashevis Singer, there has always been a wide appreciation for a good, entertaining, short read. Until, for some reason, they wasn’t.

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Middle-aged man, aspiring writer and author, one grown-up son and young grandson, now retired from the rail industry, actively working to develop a writing career.

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  1. I cried, I laughed, I said w.t.f, loved your book paul , thank you xxx

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  2. W. K. Tucker

    I’m happy short stories have made a comeback. I am–and have always been–a big fan of the form. I purchased my copy of your anthology a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s just a matter of carving out a little time to read it. 😊

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  3. Good job. Looking forward to reading my copy.


  4. Great blog post, and beautifully sums up the short story genre as well as your excellent book, Paul.

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