A Reader of Reviews of your Own Books: To be or not to be?

Had forgotten about this great response i had to one of my reviews awhile… Just as an author appreciates a review of their book/s, reviewers also appreciate the occasional response too… Thanks Andy

Andrew Updegrove: Tales of Adversego

Scales 120All authors can be divided into three categories: those who read reviews of their books, those who don’t, and those that do and claim they don’t. It would be fair to say that all authors can also be divided into those that are successful enough to ignore reviews, and, well, all the others (like me).

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Middle-aged man, aspiring writer and author, one grown-up son and young grandson, now retired from the rail industry, actively working to develop a writing career.

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  1. I don’t always make it through the maze of “prove you’re not a robot” antics to comment, but since yours was the first serious review of one of my books as well, I love that you re-blogged this and that others are starting to see your gifts to authors. Your reviews are truly wonderful. Your book is on my list to be acquired. I don’t “tit for tat” review, but I do know how much your review meant to me — especially as it came from across the ocean and without our personally meeting. I hope you continue to find success and encouragement as you have do to give the same to others.

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    • Hello Phyl…

      What a delightful pleasure to hear from you again. I’ve been a bit quiet on the writing/reviewing/blogging front of late. Personally I’m quite in favour of ‘Exchanging reviews’ but only on the proviso that said reviews are honest and constructive – just agreeing to swap positive reviews doesn’t really benefit anyone in the long-term. I’ve always appreciated your honesty when you’ve commented on some of previous stories etc so I know already I can rely on that same honesty in the future… and Mother Confessor Book 2 is waiting in the wings on my kindle as I try to catch up… Most of all though, many thanks too for such a nice comment, it’s truly appreciated!


  2. Thanks for the reblog, Paul, as well, once again, for the review you wrote that sparked it.


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